Un texto que explique a los usuarios qué han de hacer para contratar un servicio.


Digitised text can also live as traditional books. Print-on-demand creates a printed edition of your text (a minimal number of requests may be required).

Web design and accessibility

The web access to a digital library must have an attractive, usable design. If your institution does not have experts in web design, the Centre of Competence can help you to identify the most suitable ones.

Full-text search enhancement

Digital text is amenable to enhanced search capabilities: for example, historic variants, morphological variants, or even, identification of syntactic structures and multi-lingual search.

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Services provided by our members

Provided by the different members of the Centre and cover a wide range of regions from Europe to the United States and Asia. Our services

Support for the preparation of joint R&D proposals.

The Project Proposals Corner is your gateway to information and advice on funding opportunities, open EU calls, Info-days and collaborative initiatives in digitisation and related fields. Learn more

Showcasing and testing of digitisation tools

The Impact Demonstrator platform allows for testing a number of tools online without installing any software locally. Demostrator platform