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Image digitisation

Image digitisation is the transformation of books, newspapers, magazines, journals, documents & manuscripts into digital images with standard formats (TIFF, JPEG2000, PDF, etc) requires high-quality scanners and, often, preparation of the source document.

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OCR quality enhancement and adaptation

OCR is the automatic transformation of digital images (e.g., TIFF files) containing text into machine-readable files such as XML documents. The quality of the transformation is highly variable depending on parameters such as the type of document, its age and state of preservation. The results can be improved with the adaptation of OCR-engines to the particular scenario (for example, the integration of specific dictionaries usually improves the accuracy).

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Logical analysis structure

Newspapers, journals and magazines but also books and other documents are composed of various structural elements like headings, images and articles. The automatic detection of these elements supports the search and re-composition of content.

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Transcription postcorrection

The output of OCR-engines is often good enough for the retrieval of information (that is, to search keywords in a document) but cannot be used directly publication purposes. Although not for mass-production, the manual correction of errors can be affordable for relevant documents.

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Critical edition

Raw text produced by manual or automatic transcription can be published, for example, in HTML format but it will lack basic features such as text formatting or indentation. The addition of structural and logical information to the document will create a newborn digital edition which can be published in a number of formats (see e-publishing).

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The addition of structural markup (metadata describing the structure of the document) allows the publication of digital text in different platforms such as e-book readers. Distribution of e-books is supported by a number of companies under agreement.

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