Francis Ballesteros


Francis Ballesteros holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, he has worked as teacher in several European universities and International Schools (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Stockholm Universitet, Soria International School).
He is founder of Spanish cultural magazines (Generación XXI, A Través del Espejo). He has also worked as translator and editor, poet and musician. Since 2009, Francis is Director of Projects at Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes and since 2012 Director of IMPACT Centre of Competence.

Tomasz Parkola

Scientific and Technological Director

M.Sc. Eng. in computer science, IT project manager, PMP®, works in the Digital Libraries and Knowledge Platforms Department at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC). He graduated from the Poznań University of Technology in 2005. Since 2004 works at PSNC where he leads activities in national and international IT/R&D projects in the context of DInGO software package, i.e. digitisation workflow management systems, long-term preservation tools and on-line publishing platforms. He is also responsible for ongoing business processes related to the DInGO toolset. He was a national coordinator for the EIFL-FOSS programme (2010-2013). He was programme committee member for iPRES 2014, iPRES 2016, iPRES 2017 and DATeCH 2017. He is an author or co-author of several dozens of scientific and popular science publications. Since 2011 he is a board member in the IMPACT Centre of Competence and since 2016 he acts as a Scientific and Technology Director.

Frieda Steurs

Chair of the Executive Board

Frieda Steurs is full professor at the KU Leuven, Faculty of Arts, campus Antwerpen. She works in the field of terminology, language technology, specialized translation and multilingual document management. She is a member of the research group Quantitative Lexicology and Variation Linguistics (QLVL).
Her research includes projects with industrial partners and public institutions.
She is the founder and former president of NL-TERM, the Dutch terminology association for both the Netherlands and Flanders. She is also the head of the ISO TC/37 standardization committee for Flanders and the Netherlands.. She is the president of TermNet, the International Network for Terminology (Vienna).
She has coordinated a large number of research projects in the field of translation technology, terminology management and digital language resources.
Since 2016, she is the head of research of the INT, the Dutch Language Institute in Leiden. In this capacity, she is responsible for the collection, development and hosting of all digital language resources for the Dutch Language. The INT is the CLARIN centre for Flanders, Belgium.
Some of my recent projects:
TermWise : creating resources for specialized language use (IOF funding KU Leuven 2009-2013)
Scate : SCATE – Smart Computer-Aided Translation Environment (IWT 2014-2018)
COST enetCOLLECT: computer assisted language learning and crowdsourcing techniques (ISCH COST Action 2017-2022)

Isabel Martínez


Isabel Martínez holds a degree in Spanish Philology (2003) and a postgraduate degree in Linguistics (Universidad de Alicante, 2005). She participated in the former IMPACT project since 2010, as Computational Linguist, and was Project Technical Coordinator in the SUCCEED project. Since 2015, she is Manager of IMPACT Centre of Competence.

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Frieda Steurs (Chair)

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Francis Ballesteros

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