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In the Swiss National Library one will find everything about Switzerland; everything which is published in the country or written by Swiss authors. Every publication, from Swiss daily newspapers to novels, from documentaries and yearbooks to official publications and geographical maps. In their two most important special collections, the Prints and Drawings Department and the Swiss Literary Archives one can find photographs, etchings, posters, postcards and manuscripts. The Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel is also a part oft the Swiss National Library. Their main tasks are collecting, listing and preserving Helvetica as well as making it available to the public. The term Helvetica covers:

  • the whole literary and informational production published in Switzerland;
  • all publications published abroad, ancient and modern, dealing with Switzerland and its inhabitants;
  • works and translations of works by Swiss authors in all languages.

The law on the NL SR 432.21 determines their mandate; the Application Ordinance defines their collection policy.

Swiss National Library

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