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The Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) are the Confederation’s service and competence centre for lasting information management. They appraise, secure, describe and provide access to archive-worthy records of the Swiss Confederation. The SFA document the formation and development of the constitutional state and make state activities a matter of record: they thus make a significant contribution to constitutional legality (good governance). The current strategy of the SFA is focused not only on continuing analogue archiving and expanding integrated information management, but also on developing services for digital archiving, including the establishment of a comprehensive range of online user services comprising finding aids and digitally accessible content.

Swiss Federal Archives


The SFA are active members of national and international projects, organisations and associations such as the European Board of National Archivists (EBNA) and the International Council on Archives (ICA). The SFA also work with the Archive Portal Europe, Europeana and Wikimedia to provide access to archival records. In addition they operate the Swiss open government data pilot portal

Swiss Federal Archives’ Services

Content preservation

  • Long-term preservation
Services in content preservation

Digital library platform

  • Integration of sources
Services related with Digital library platform


  • Transformation between formats
  • Linked-data creation
Services regarding Metadata

Professional training

  • On specific tools
Services of professional training

Impact services

The IMPACT Centre of Competence provides a number of services to Members and Pay As You Go clients, focused on support in implementing OCR solutions and building competence in staff involved in digitisation activities.