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LIBNOVA develops solutions for long term digital preservation. Based on our experience in the field, we have created libsafe (a software for implementing digital preservation plans) and libdata (low cost and high capacity storage box especifically created for digital preservation purposes).

Starting with the creation of the digital object and its metadata, libnova’s tools and professional services expertise can support your organization in the creation and implementation of a digital preservation plan.

More information about digital preservation, libsafe and libdata is available in English: or in Spanish

LIBNOVA participates with the following projects/institutions:

  • Biblioteca Nacional de España
  • Universidad de Barcelona
  • Real Academia Española – RAE
  • Archivo General de la Nación de la República Dominicana
  • Ministerio de Defensa
  • Biblioteca Digital “Ceuta Patrimonio Digital”

Libnova’s Services

Content creation

  • Image digitisation
  • OCR quality enhancement and adaptation
  • Logical structure analysis
Services in content creation

Content preservation

  • Long-term preservation
Services in content preservation

Digital library platform

  • Workflow management tools
  • Deployment
  • Integration of sources
  • Web services implementation
Services related with Digital library platform


  • Web design and accessibility
  • Full-text search enhancement
Services for exploitation


  • Harvesting
  • Transformation between formats
  • Linked-data creation
Services regarding Metadata

Professional training

  • General training
  • Training on specific tools
Services of professional training

Additional services

  • Digital preservation plan consultancy and design

Impact services

The IMPACT Centre of Competence provides a number of services to Members and Pay As You Go clients, focused on support in implementing OCR solutions and building competence in staff involved in digitisation activities.