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ELZABURU is a multidisciplinary Spanish professional firm established in 1865, made up of lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys, engineers and graduates in chemistry, biology and physics. Our firm deals exclusively with Intellectual Property rights in their broadest sense: all aspects of trademarks, patents, designs, copyright, software licensing & development and other IT matters, unfair competition, advertising law, domain names, antitrust law and related fields. Our firm offers a comprehensive range of services spanning the areas of registration and administrative procedures, contract law, and litigation. Our firm’s head office is located in Madrid, and it has branch offices in Beijing, Alicante, and Valencia. ELZABURU offers important advantages over its competitors: it is the longest-standing industrial property law firm in Spain (1865); it offers a full range of services in its field (contentious, contractual, prosecution, patents); it has the largest team of professionals (11 litigation lawyers, 2 in-house court procurators, 21 trademark attorneys, 13 patent attorneys (7 European Patent Attorneys); it has the most legal proceedings underway in this area (250 on average); and proportionally it advises the largest number of top clients (70% of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies are clients of ELZABURU).

The firm is a member of the following associations: AGESORPI (Spain), AIPLA (International), AIPPI (International), ALADDA (ALAI) (International), APRAM (International), ASIPI (International), Asociación Española para la Defensa de la Competencia (AEDC) (Spain), CIPA (United Kingdom), Colegio Oficial de Agentes de la Propiedad Industrial (COAPI) (Spain), Club Español del Arbitraje (Spain), Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (ICC) (International), ECTA (International), EPI (International), FICPI (International), GRUR (Germany), IPTA (Australia), INTA (International), IPBA (International), ITMA (United Kingdom), LES (International), MARQUES (International), UNION (International) and contributes actively to the work of:

  • AIPPI: participating in the work of the Spanish Group
  • INTA: participating in many of its working groups

Partners in Elzaburu are members of the Boards of Directors of several associations: AIPPI, ECTA, MARQUES, LES.

Elzaburu Abogados

ELZABURU, Copyright and digitisation of works

In the field of Copyright, ELZABURU is also a leading firm on a national level and boasts a specialised team of professionals dedicated to the subject. All of its professionals have a solid academic background and special links with teaching institutions, giving classes on the subject of Copyright in the most prestigious courses and master’s degrees in Spain, such as those offered by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, IE Business/Law School, Universidad Carlos III and Universidad Pontificia Comillas. They also form part of, and collaborate with, the most important institutions for the defence of authors by giving conferences, talks and lectures. Those institutions include the Asociación Literaria y Artística para la Defensa del Derecho de Autor (ALADDA), which is the Spanish group of the International Literary and Artistic Association –ALAI- (the top European institution for the defence of author’s rights, not to mention the oldest).

This team also has broad experience in the digitisation of works and its legal implications. In the past, it has rendered services to an important U.S. publishing company, advising it on the digitisation of the whole collection of one of its most emblematic magazines, distributed worldwide. On a local level, it has advised the Fundación Camilo José Cela in matters relating to the digitisation of the journal “Papeles de Son Armadans”, which was originally founded and directed by Camilo José Cela, one of Spanish literature’s most illustrious authors.

In short, through this team ELZABURU places all of its resources at the disposal of authors, publishers, producers and other right holders, as well as libraries and cultural and teaching centres and institutions, to offer comprehensive advice on the subject of Copyright and other related rights.

Impact services

The IMPACT Centre of Competence provides a number of services to Members and Pay As You Go clients, focused on support in implementing OCR solutions and building competence in staff involved in digitisation activities.