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The Theatre Documentation Centre is a unit under the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

Its chief objective is to collect, preserve and make available to researchers and professionals the artistic, graphic and statistical material, etc. produced by staging activities.

The Theatre Documentation Centre aims to disseminate Spanish theatre in and outside our borders, both in its different forms and types, and the different sectors within; all from a historic perspective but also from today’s stage reality.

The Theatre Documentation Centre was created in 1971 to above all be used as a deposit for all documents belonging to State archives, which were some way connected to performing arts. It therefore inherited photographic, phonographic and printed collections (posters, programmes…) of the so-called National Theatres and Festivals of Spain (an autonomous organism assigned to various ministries until its disappearance), together with an extensive library collection; these collections have been growing since then, through a wide variety of acquisitions and donations.

His commitment for digital formats is clearly shown in the extensive digitalization plan of photographs, audio tapes and footage, but particularly in the transversal publication which has best disseminated the work of recent years and the documentary collections of the CDT: the Revista Digital de la Escena, which from 2002, first reached the public in DVD format and today through internet, and which has undoubtedly been the seed of our current Portal.

Today the Centre handles collections of 200,000 photographs, 5,000 DVD recordings, 500,000 classified press releases, 18,000 books…, and at the same time it develops new projects to promote, protect and disseminate performing arts. Here you will find all these projects and participate in them.

Centro de documentación teatral


  • Digitisation of our documentary collection: recording, brochures, posters, photographs, texts…
  • Digitisation of another documentary collections, Videofonte Project*.
  • Desktop publishing: Research (Don Galán and Documentos para la Historia del Teatro español) and dissemination (Revista Digital de la Escena)

*What’s Videofonte:

We ask for the collaboration of proffesionals, institutions and amateurs.

At the CDT, you will find audios, videos and photographs of thousands of performances. Many have been registered by our recording team, others have been transferred by companies or professionals. To preserve the footprint of the highest number of performances, we ask for their collaboration, because the stage is a puzzle of sensations that we need to arrange through image and sound. There are two ways of collaborating with the Project:

  • Performance recording request (currently only in Madrid Capital).
  • Contribution of materials to the CDT audiovisual collection. Materials will be duly processed and digitalized, handing a digital copy to the collaborator.

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